Introduction to GPR Training Courses

GPR Training Courses assist with learning

how to operate and conduct ground penetrating radar

surveys. GPR training courses can help trouble shoot problems in the field, during a GPR survey.

GPR training courses have been created for many of the routine and daily operations an operator uses with Sensors & Softwares’ ground penetrating radar. The site is an ongoing effort, so please excuse some of the construction debris.

Please let us know at GPR Training Courses .com what you would like to see more of. If you have a construction, environmental, geological, archeological, forensic, or other application that requires geophysical methods using ground penetrating radar, provide us with a enough lead time to develop GPR training courses pertaining to your specific application. Once you have a chance to visit the lessons at GPR Training Courses .com you will see that there is a personal approach on many of the topics. It has been our focus to assist with minimizing information that does not pertain to applications that are seldom used.

GPR Noggin Smartcare

Noggin Plus SmartCart Course

Experience the simplicity of Sensors & Software Noggin Plus Smartcart when conducting ground penetrating radar investigations. This course will specifically ...
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PulseEKKO Pro

pulseEKKO PRO Course

Discover the versatility of Sensors & Software PulseEKKO Pro when conducting ground penetrating radar surveys. The pulseEKKO PRO comes in ...
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Equipment shown in GPR training courses

can be rented from K. D. Jones Instruments, for example, Noggin 250, Noggin 500, Noggin 1000, pulseEKKO PRO 50 MHz, pulseEKKO PRO 100 MHz, pulseEKKO PRO 200 MHz, pulseEKKO PRO TR1000, Conquest, and other. We are interested in assisting with your project. If we can not find an answer we hope to find someone who can.

Ground penetrating radar surveys are a profession.

GPR Training Courses are not a replacement for the user manuals, common sense, experience, or for the education necessary to conduct successful ground penetrating radar surveys. A background in physics, geology, geophysics, engineering, and/or mathematics benefits survey designers and operators. To supplement the GPR training courses, one can find a wide selection of books and reading material by searching the internet. A good place to start is the Sensors and Software website. Because there is always the potential for misinformation in the GPR training courses, it is highly recommended that one goes through all procedures at the office or home base before going to a project. It is very important to experiment with the ground penetrating radar equipment over known conditions, to understand how the equipment operates and responds.

gpr training courses

K. D. Jones Instruments has equipment shown in the GPR training courses


Sensors & Software™ Noggin™ Noggin Plus™ SmartCart™ pulseEKKO PRO™ and other found at this site are Trademarks of Sensors & Software and are independent of GPR Training Courses .com.



What do people have to say about GPR

I don’t know of any improvements that could be made. I was very satisfied with the interaction with members, as well as the training and answers to my questions (via email or in person).


Noggin SmartCart is very straightforward in setting up an exploration area as regular rectangular areas can be collected in a grid mode and irregular shaped areas can be collected in a line mode. Processing with Grid_Edit and ECHO_¬Project is very fast enabling you to get quick answers to your client, plus they allow you to add to a grid or construct a grid using individually collected lines and combining them together.

Best Regards,

J. G. T., P.G.
Chief Geophysicist

Sensors & Software is easy to use. I can map and mark when I need to.

GPR provides useful information.

We’ve had good success.

The ground penetrating radar is a valuable asset to anyone needing underground location equipment. Its simplicity is its most valuable asset. It makes the job easier and quicker than most other methods.

Ground penetrating radar is one of the most useful and accurate tools. It is an essential component of the geophysicists tool box, being trained at acquisition and interpretation is a must for all geoscience professionals…I got my training from these members. The manufacturer wanted $X,000.00 plus to train my staff at their factory. was easy to navigate and understand. It helped me realize the possibilities with Sensors & Software equipment as well as how to set-up a simple survey. Directions of the PulseEKKO Pro’s equipment software made it simple for a beginner to change parameters. I’d recommend someone use this website if it were their first time using GPR. In the future, I’ll definitely use it as a quick reference.

GPR is a very powerful tool that may be applied across a broad range of applications. The equipment is generally intuitive and easy to use. Interpretation of the data can range in difficulty from very easy to very difficult depending upon your site conditions and specific application.

Geophysics Manager



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