Noggin Plus Battery Maintenance

Smart System Batteries:

Noggin Plus Battery :

The Sensors & Software SmartCart System runs on a 7 to 15 Amp-hour, 12-volt sealed lead acid battery that is protected by a 10 Amp fuse. Though seldom required, the fuse may burn out or blow. A replacement fuse is kept inside the battery box and can be used to replace a bad fuse. This prevents damage in case of a short circuit. The Noggin antenna and DVL contains a voltage monitoring circuit. Once the voltage drops to 10.2 volts, the unit will automatically power down.  If this occurs, recharge the battery before attempting to complete the GPR survey.

Run Time: varies with temperature and usage. From a practical standpoint, it is usually many hours before recharging is necessary. A secondary Noggin Plus battery may be needed for long days of surveying or if the battery can not be charged during breaks. The best practice is to always make sure to charge the batteries overnight!

Noggin plus battery maintenance is of utmost importance. Batteries must be kept in a charged state to ensure a long and reliable life.

GPR Noggin Plus Battery

GPR SmartCart Battery


Noggin Plus Battery Rules:

1. Do not allow sealed lead acid batteries to be left in a discharged state. Regularly charge the battery.

2. When the Noggin SmartCart System is not being used, unplug the battery cable. The system uses about 0.1 amps and slowly drains the battery.

3. When not in use, charge the batteries. Fast charging a fully discharged battery can take approximately 12 to 14 hours from start to finish.

4. Charge batteries at room temperature.

Noggin Plus Battery and Battery Charger

Noggin Plus Battery and Battery Charger

5. Before storing a battery make sure it is fully charged. Store the battery in a cool place.  50 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. Do not allow the battery to freeze.

6. If a battery becomes discharged or is left discharged, connect it to the charger. The fast charge LED will not go on immediately. If the fast charge LED does not light in six hours, the battery should be replaced.

DVL Internal Battery:

The DVL internal battery is dependent on the Smart System. If the Smart System is not periodically turned on for an extended period of time such as a survey, the DVL internal battery will discharge. Once a DVL internal battery becomes discharged, the DVL time and date will reset to January 1, 1988 at 12:00 PM. This is a good indication that the battery was too low to maintain the internal functions.

Recharge the DVL internal battery by running the Smart System for at least an hour.