Noggin Plus SmartCart Course

Experience the simplicity of Sensors & Software Noggin Plus Smartcart

when conducting ground penetrating radar investigations.

This course will specifically focus on the Sensors & Software Noggin Plus with a SmartCart. The Noggin Plus has all the features of the standard Noggin program and more. The ability to use and navigate the Noggin Plus software on the GPR will create the ability to use the standard Noggin software with little difficulty.

GPR Noggin Smartcare

GPR Noggin Plus SmartCart

The Noggin Plus SmartCart series is revolutionary line of GPR with all of the traditional features of a quality ground penetrating radar without the complications of many advanced functions. The Noggin Plus SmartCart is a valuable GPR unit for collecting quality geophysical data. Applications include scanning concrete, geologic investigations, utility locating, forensic or archaeological investigations, and environmental surveys.


Noggin SmartCart Assembly

Noggin SmartCart Assembly

Noggin SmartCart Assembly 1. Unpack cart and accessories from shipping container. Organize items as needed. Some components of the cart ...
GPR DVL Interface

Noggin Plus DVL Interface

The Noggin Plus DVL Interface is easy to understand. The Noggin Plus DVL Interface consists of four basic areas, turning ...
GPR Noggin Plus Battery

Noggin Plus Battery Maintenance

Smart System Batteries: Noggin Plus Battery : The Sensors & Software SmartCart System runs on a 7 to 15 Amp-hour, 12-volt sealed ...
DVL Main Menu

Noggin Plus Menu

Noggin Plus Main Menu appears when the DVL is turned on by pushing the "B" button on the front panel ...
Noggin Plus Utility

Noggin Plus Utility Menu

 The Noggin Plus Utility Menu is accessed by pressing 4 on the DVL’s Main Menu. The Noggin Plus Utility Menu will ...
Noggin Plus Setup Menu

Noggin Plus Setup Menu

The Noggin Plus Setup menu will appear After pressing 1 on the DVL's main menu, allowing the user to edit ...
GPR Noggin Plus Data Collection Screen

Noggin Plus Data Display

Noggin Plus Data Display Overview: Pick a Mode: Data can be gathered in three different modes: Line, Grid, and Run ...
GPR Velocity Chart

Noggin Plus GPR Velocity Analysis

Determining the correct average velocity is important. The Noggin Smart System is used to image a variety of different materials: ...
Noggin Plus Header File HD

Noggin Plus File Management Menu

Noggin Plus File Management Menu is better understood with a basic understanding of the Noggin Plus File Format. Let's first ...
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