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Need Assistance with GPR

Need Assistance With GPR?

GPR or Ground Penetraiting Radar was developed during the Apollo Lunar Science programs of the 1960s and 1970s (visit By the 1980s, the first lightweight and portable GPR instrumentation was being created and used in commercial field applications for the study of geophysics. Highly educated and specialized training was needed to perform and interpret geophysical investigation results.

Today, GPR instrumentation is becoming more user friendly (see GPR for Graves Survey at Grace Lutheran) and less dependent on an understanding of the components. Furthermore, GPR’s improving technology is creating a greater scope of radar applications. Many forensic and archaeological professionals are turning to GPR to scan into the ground to locate targets under the earth. For this reason, GPR is a highly sought out method of imaging the subsurface. Those who have more time than money may have found that hiring a geophysicist to perform a survey can be expensive. But it is frequently worth every penny! Many forensic and archaeological surveys are not overcomplicated, provided an individual is dedicated and recognizes the need for proper survey methods, common sense, and a basic understanding of the science to conduct a successful GPR investigation.

If budget is an issue or there is a strong desire to learn about ground penetrating radar,

one can find assistance with GPR without hiring a geophysicist to do his or her survey. K.D. Jones Instruments can provide assistance with GPR  and basic training for your qualified GPR project. Read about GPR success stories with training and assistance from K.D. Jones Instruments. With a one month GPR rental, an on-site assistance basic training package, often for the cost of covering expenses, is available that includes on-site help with an experienced Sensors and Software GPR memember of K.D. Jones staff. In addition, assistance with GPR post-processing is provided and renters will have access to all web tutorials on GPR Training .com.

More on-site assistance with GPR can be provided depending on site location and duration of rental.

Read about  Dave’s success story with K.D. Jones Instruments’s Basic Training and Assistance With GPR Package

Assistance with GPR

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